Replay: Baby Sleep 101 Webinar

Expert Advice on Better Sleep for Your Baby - Watch the replay of our webinar Baby Sleep 101. Whether you’re an exhausted parent struggling with your baby’s sleep, or you're expecting and want to get ahead of the game, this webinar has you covered.

We’ve teamed up with some of our favorite baby brands Coterie and Newton to bring you an expert-led discussion on your most asked baby sleep questions – from schedules, feedings, regressions, and everything in between.

Our very own Dr. Natalie Barnett, Director of Clinical Research & Pediatric Sleep Expert, is joined by Pediatrician Dr. Krupa Playforth of The Pediatrician Mom, and Dr. Monica Ordway from the Yale School of Nursing.

Here’s what we’ll cover: ✔️ What’s normal & what’s not ✔️ Sleep at every age & stage ✔️ Bedtime routines ✔️ Sleep & your baby’s growth